Ashe Safety is actively involved in the research and development of sustainable and improved safety products generally within the construction industry.

Ashe safety currently has three products in various stages of development. Two are currently patented and are expected to reach market later this year. One of our patented products about to reach market is the Claw Clamp.

The Claw Clamp was devised for temporary fencing panels used extensively in construction but also used in events such as festivals and fetes. The unique feature of the clamp is that it requires only one person to fit it. 

The clamps are anti tamper as standard providing an additional security feature. As the 2 halves of the clamp are always together, they do not fall into two pieces like traditional metal clips. They are faster to fit and remove and much lighter than their metal counterparts. They can be used in extremes of temperature -20c to 50c

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Ashe Safety Ltd works hard not only to provide training courses that are comprehensive and thorough, we also work in research and development for the industry. Our team are currently in the process of patenting a number of products which are specifically designed for the market


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